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I am trying to do drag and drop between widgets added to QGraphicScene with addWidget.

I implementing drag and drop as Qt documentation suggests:

  • Enabling drops with setAcceptDrops(true) for target widget
  • In my mousePressEvent I am creating QDrag object run QDrag::exec() for this object.

but dragEnterEvent is never called nor for my custom widget neither for proxywidget returned by addWidget.

Other events are forwarded to my widget ok.

Any suggestions?

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as far as I know you have to reimplement the dragEnterEvent in your child-widget, means it's not enough to just call setAcceptDrops(true) for the widget. What happens then is that the child widget calls it's dragEventEnter-function, but by default it does nothing. How should the childwidget know about your dragEventEnter-function in the main-window? It has to be in the child-widget itself, so you have to subclass it, like in the documentation explained.

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That is exactly what I do and it works outside QGraphicScene. – Vasaka Sep 23 '12 at 15:30

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