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I ma a newbie to wp7 (and dot net). I have some thumbnails in my application, which on clicked I want to show them open in detail. As there is now default picture viewer available in wp7, I am trying to make one my own (with next, previous and pinch zoom). I am trying to follow this but I have no idea of how to bind the image to the pivot control... please help. Thanks!!!

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Where do you keep your images? In the blog they are kept in a collection (like a List, an Array etc). Check this for information on data binding. – mostruash Jan 23 '12 at 4:07

Check this out: WP7: Binding to an element outside pivot.itemtemplate

Though you should consider showing just 3 images in the pivot control, and when turning a page in the control you should remove the last item, and add one new. You have to do this, because it is not recomended to use a pivot control displaying more than 9 items.

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