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I have a code

$movie = new ffmpeg_movie($_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"].'/file.mp4'); 
$gif=new ffmpeg_animated_gif("gif_pre.gif",100 ,100 ,24); 

for ($frame = 150; $frame <= 200; $frame++) 
   $image = $movie->getFrame($frame);

and error:

Fatal error: Class 'ffmpeg_animated_gif' not found in {here were err line and path to file}

OS: Windows 7 | Denwer | FFMPEG: 0.6.0-svn


mpeg-php version    0.6.0-svn 
ffmpeg-php built on     Sep 8 2010 12:13:47 
ffmpeg-php gd support   enabled 
ffmpeg libavcodec version   Lavc52.87.4 
ffmpeg libavformat version  Lavf52.78.3 
ffmpeg swscaler version     SwS0.11.0
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1 Answer 1

ffmpeg_animated_gif was removed in version 0.6.0, was the last one with this functionality.

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