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i am trying to bind an id to a tag. not sure if i should do a bind but i hope my example would help to explain what i am trying to do. i have a php for loop that gives me a series of numbers


         for($value = 1; $value <=5; $value++){
         print '<br><form><input id="hidden" type="hidden" value="'.$value.'" /><a id="link">click here</a><form>';

in my html i have a field within a form when the while loop is executed html looks like this

<input id="hidden" type="hidden" value="1" /><a id="link">click here</a>
<input id="hidden" type="hidden" value="2" /><a id="link">click here</a>
<input id="hidden" type="hidden" value="3" /><a id="link">click here</a>

my aim is this. if i click on the first 'click here' i want to output the hidden value of 1 if i click on the second 'click here' i want to output hidden value of 2 and etc.. my problem is that when i click on either link, i only get back the value of the first 'click here' which is 1

this is my jquery code.

    var s = $('.hidden').val();

thanks for your help in advance...

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You can't use 3 times the same id for hidden & link, use instead class. –  Sotiris Jan 22 '12 at 22:23

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will always just give you the first hidden val in the DOM. You need


See this fiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/RJJEr/

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thanks it works –  user570782 Jan 22 '12 at 22:24

never ever use the identical ids change it to class

<input id="hidden" type="hidden" value="1" />
<a class="link" href="#">click here</a>
<input id="hidden" type="hidden" value="2" />
<a class="link">click here</a>
<input id="hidden" type="hidden" value="3" />
<a class="link">click here</a>

and the jquery part has already been answered by @DavidGouge

     var s = $(this).prev("input").val();


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ID should be unique, you can use class='hidden' instead of id="hidden" and in your function you have used var s = $('.hidden').val() but there is no 'hidden' class in your form.

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