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IP address A (www.domain.tld) with a mysql database and a django installation is serving my webapp. everything is working fine.

IP address B (ww1.domain.tld) connects to the database of IP address A. and there is an issue.

  • it's possible to connect to the BD using mysql-client (read/write) everything is ok.
  • media are delivered as expected
  • also the content will be read by the django application
  • when i'm creating a new user account, the user will be created

BUT, it's not possible to log in!!

i assume there is an issue with the session.

who can i debug this, what could be the reason for this behavior.

thanks for all hints and support in advance.


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Are you logging in on www.domain.tld but then accessing the site via ww1.domain.tld? It may be something to do with the SESSION_COOKIE_DOMAIN -- try setting SESSION_COOKIE_DOMAIN = ".domain.tld" in your server-specific settings.

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This was exactly the problem! I had SESSION_COOKIE_DOMAIN (www.domain.tld) set - also the attribute HOST (www.domain.tld) was defined in the settings.py . I tried to log in from ww1.domain.tld which doesn't work of course... thx you very much! –  phi Jan 23 '12 at 9:12

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