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in the below script i trying to determine if the inputed path points to a folder by checking:

folder of file_info -> should return true/false

but when trying this the script gives and error and stops.

but other values work fine example:

size of file_info -> return size incase of folder its "missing value"

someone knows why this doest work? i have seen other scripts where people use it, but no one seems to get this error

on log_event(themessage)
            set theLine to (do shell script "date  +'%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S'" as string) & " " & themessage
            do shell script "echo " & theLine & " >> ~/Library/Logs/tvshowscript-events-test.log"
        end log_event

        tell application "Finder"

            set str to "Macintosh HD:Users:"

            set the_item to str as alias

            set file_info to get info for the_item

            my log_event("-------------- " & size of the file_info)
            my log_event("-------------- " & kind of the file_info)
            my log_event("-------------- " & folder of the file_info)   

        end tell
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Try removing the lines tell application "Finder" and end tell.

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thank you that works :) now going to work around that XD, to bad you can't even call a method inside the tell finder to get the value –  Matthijs Jan 23 '12 at 0:06

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