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In my view that I want to add the link, I have:

= link_to 'My Account', edit_user_registration_path( :format => js), :remote => :true

My controller action is empty. My edit.js.erb looks like:

  autoOpen: true,
  width: auto,
  open: function() {
    $("edit-dialog").html(<%= escape_javascript(render('form')) %>")

When I click the link, I get the Javascript rendered as text in a new page.

  autoOpen: true,
  width: auto,
  open: function() {
    $("edit-dialog").html(<the partial contents are loaded here>)

Why isn't the js getting executed. Instead it is getting returned as text and being rendered into a separate page.

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Turns out I did not have jquery_ujs in may application.js. I changed it to include:

//= require jquery
//= require jquery_ujs
//= require jquery_ui

It now works.

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