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I am stumped by the following code:

 <b><i>First name *</b></i> : <input type="text" 
                     name='<?php Labels::$FIRSTNAMELABEL ?>'  /><br />

This 'First Name' field is one of several inputs on a form on my page. The Labels:$FIRSTNAMELABEL is set in the class definition to "FirstName".

Here is the class definition:

class Labels {
      static public $FIRSTNAMELABEL = "FirstName";
      // other static class members here for last name, phone #, etc.

When the form appears in my browser I dump the page source and here's what I get:

<form action="AddPerson.php" method="post">
<b><i>First name *</b></i> : <input type="text" 
                     name=''  /><br />

You will notice that name=' ' is blank. It should say name="FirstName" there in the page source. Not be blank.

I have tried: single quotes, double quotes, spaces, no spaces around the php block, and inside the php block around the Labels::$FIRSTNAMELABEL -- no change. When the form is displayed and I dump the page source, I always get name= (blank).

I discovered this with the following line of code:

  if( isset( $_POST[Labels::$FIRSTNAMELABEL])

The 'isset' always returns false, so I did a page dump and found out why -- when the form is submitted there IS no first name field called "FirstName" at all.

Funny thing about this is, I had this form inside a heredoc and it worked fine -- here's part of the form in my heredoc:

  // this was successfully displaying a 'name=' field on the form set to the 
  // static class label called Labels::$FIRSTNAMELABEL -- ie. the 'name' field 
  // in the page source was name="FirstName"
 function showAddContactForm()
     $firstNameLabel = Labels::$FIRSTNAMELABEL;
     // other field names not shown.....

     echo <<<_END
       <form action="AddContact.php" method="post">
       <b><i>First name *</b></i> : <input type="text" name=$firstNameLabel /><br />
      // other fields on the form not shown..

Why is my 'name=' field always blank?

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At a glance, there is no echo/print.

<b><i>First name *</b></i> : <input type="text" 
name='<?php echo Labels::$FIRSTNAMELABEL ?>'  /><br />
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+1 and accepted -- thanks -- that did it. I'm still learning about the echo, apparently. Been looking at this code and trying stuff for a long time today and echo'ing it out did not occur to me -- I guess the fact that the code I copied from the heredoc was working fine convinced me "the code worked before -- must be something else." thanks. –  wantTheBest Jan 22 '12 at 23:04

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