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There is one problem I cannot find an answer to. I am an experiences amateur vb programmer with SQL and Access experience. I have recently been asked to prepare a program to log Group Meetings attendances. There are the follwoing tables:

    MemberID        AutoNumber
    GroupID         Number
    MemName         Text
    IsPresent       Y/N
    GroupID         Autonumber
    GroupName       Text
     MeetingsID     Autonumber
     MeetingDate    Date
     GroupID        Number
     MemberID       Number
     AttendanceID   Number
     AttendaceID    Autonumber
     MemberID       Number
     MeetingID      Number
     ISPResent      Y/N

I made my relationships...

MemberID in MemberTbl with MemberID in AttendTbl....
MeetingID in AttendanceTbl with MeetingID in MeetingTbl
MemberID in membersTbl with MemberID in LodgeTbl and 
LodgeID in LodgeTbl with LodgeID in MeetingsTbl

Each group has 1 meeting every month.

What I want is a way to list all members (in datasheet) that belong to a particular group with a checkbox depending if they were present at the particular meeting.

I have tried AppendQuieries but that didnt work. I have really come to a dead end.

On the main form i have meetings as RecordSource with GroupID (user input). after update Sunform is updated and a list with all members belonging to the group appear with a tick box next to their names. The Child/Master link is by GroupID.

What I am trying to do is, in the list that appears in the subform I want to be able to tick persons present and their name to be logged in attendance tbl as present.

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You can make your posts more readable by using the code button - {} –  Fionnuala Jan 23 '12 at 0:06
Why do you have both GroupID and MemberID in table Meetings? –  ypercube Jan 23 '12 at 0:14
You say "Each group has 1 meeting every month." So, the MemberID seems useless in the meetings table. –  ypercube Jan 23 '12 at 0:17
Is Meetings.MemberID the meeting owner? –  Tim Lehner Jan 23 '12 at 0:48
If there is a record for every potential member in a group in the meetings table, the Attendance table is necessary only if it contains a record for those who actually attended (IsPresent can be removed as well.). –  JeffO Jan 23 '12 at 1:35

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if the record source for the main form is Meetings, you should use MeetingId as Master/Child link.

On the form, probably in AfterInsert event put some code to generate the attendance records for this Meeting.

currentdb.execute "INSERT INTO Attend ( MemberId, MeetingId ) SELECT Members.MemberId, Meetings.MeetingId FROM (Members INNER JOIN Groups ON Members.GroupId = Groups.GroupId) INNER JOIN Meetings ON Groups.GroupId = Meetings.GroupId WHERE (((Meetings.MeetingId)=" & me.MeetingId & "));"
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