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I am trying to freeze panes using code in excel. i have seen several examples on how to do it with the activewindow, im trying to

sepcify it from a button on a different sheet.

I have 2 sheets, "Time" and "Time_and_Cost", i have a button on the "Time" sheet which i want to freeze the top row of


I have this code currently for freezing panes of the active window.

ActiveWindow.FreezePanes = True

However, how can i adapt this to specify the worksheet, i assume i have to select the worksheet to freeze, freeze it, then

select previous worksheet? im having trouble find the exact code to use.

Thanks in advance

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How about something like this:

Public Sub FreezePane()
 Dim shName As String
 shName = ActiveWindow.ActiveSheet.Name
 ActiveWindow.FreezePanes = True
End Sub

Note that I'm activating A2 on "Time_and_Cost" prior to freezing the panes so that the top row will be frozen.

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