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This question was asked about a year ago to date. As I've done google searches for answers to this question, all the libraries I've found seem to not have had any activity for about a year. I'm just wondering if anyone out there is aware of any libraries that are currently maintained, or what other alternatives people do?

I'm looking to do some client-side data filtering, and I'm open to other suggestions beyond writing my own functions.

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You can try Alasql JavaScript library. It supports queries on JSON arrays with full SQL functionality.

Here is and example:

 <script src="alasql.min.js"></script>
     var cars = [{model:'Mazda', price:20000}, {model:'Toyota', price:25000}, 
        {model:'Ford', price:22000}];

     var res = alasql("SELECT * FROM ? WHERE price > 21000",[cars]);


Try this example in jsFiddle.

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You might want to check out taffydb and web sql database

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