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I have a PivotControl that contains ListBox elements:

<controls:Pivot Title="SECTIONS" x:Name="pivotControl" ItemsSource="{Binding SectionViewModels}">
                <!-- -->
                        <!-- if you don't explicitly specify the height, the scrolling won't work -->
                        <ListBox ItemsSource="{Binding StoryViewModels}" SelectionChanged="StoryList_SelectionChanged"
                                 Height="625" u:ScrollViewerMonitor.AtEndCommand="{Binding ElementName=LayoutRoot, Path=DataContext.FetchMoreDataCommand}">
                                    <local:StoryControl />


I want to get and set the ScrollViewer.VerticalOffset of a ListBox corresponding to a given SectionViewModel (which is the item source of the pivot control). How can I do this?

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There're some cases that you need to access view elements. For those cases using the VisualTreeHelper is the solution. You can find a summary of it in my blog and some helper extension methods.

I recommend to use SilverlightSpy to see how the VisualTree is composed at runtime and be able to more efficiently navigate it.

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