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I'd like to copy all files in a directory from my windows mobile device to PC. There's no API for that. Also there is no API to list all files in a directory of embedded device.

I think I can list all files in a directory via (RAPI) CeFindFirstFile and CeFindNextFile functions.

Could you help me how I can? By the way I should do it in C#

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You are correct that it's a call to CeFindFirstFile followed by CeFindNextFile until it returns nothing. For a working C# example, this Codeplex project wraps those calls in the RAPI.EnumFiles() method.

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thanks ;) I've done it. string bookmarks = @"\My Documents"; string pc = @"C:\winmobforensic"; fl = myRapi.EnumFiles(bookmarks + @"\*"); foreach (FileInformation file in fl) { myRapi.CopyFileFromDevice(pc + "\\" + file.FileName, bookmarks + "\\" + file.FileName); } –  user1164244 Jan 23 '12 at 16:02

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