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I have next situation:
1) N workers, all workers do same things
2) Each worker have persistant socket connection to third party service, so one connection should be served by one instance of worker

My question: how to implement workers to pickup one connection, and let others workers instnaces to know that connection to third party sertvice already established?

Currently i implemented this by queue, so another worker(lets say scaling worker) place message into queue, and this messages fetched one by one by workers.

Does there any better solution?

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You can implement inter-role communication via WCF and endpoints or the Azure AppFabric messaging bus. Check out a tutorial on how to do this here,

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One technique is to obtain a lease on a blob, since only one writer can have the lease at any given time. The pattern would be something like:

  • Attempt to obtain lease
  • If successful, open connection
  • If unsuccessful, sleep for some period of time and try again

This pattern is also used when, say, creating a database server which opens data files on an Azure Drive, and running in two instances (one instance obtains the lease and runs the server; the other fails to obtain the lease and periodically retries).

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This is very similar to my current realization, but lease issued by one of the workers(scaling) for other workers. I think brocker will be better solution, but anyway thank you –  sashok2k Jan 23 '12 at 7:51

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