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I want to reduce compiled file size of ios ipa file.

I get "How to reduce" way: How to reduce the size of my iPhone application?

But I want to know "How to analyze" way:

My image is

$ du /path/to/app
100 /path/to/app/images
150 /path/to/app/sounds

And I wan to reduce file size on effective point. Visualization is more good!:

I know I should delete files which is not used but is linked project...

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I have used a tool called [ImageOptim] (

It incorporates a number of tools inside which crush your png files significantly (in my case it was between 25% to 50%) and had reduced the size of my app of around 0.6 mb

One thing to remember is to disable Xcode's PNG optimization.

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There is no magic way to reduce the file size of ipa file.

What you can do to reduce the size are just as you said,

  • Remove any unnecessary files
  • If you have a lot of images, consider using PNGCRUSH to reduce file size of images
  • If you have a lot of sound files, consider using compressed audio file such as MP3, also, consider changing to mono instead of stereo. Bit rates of around 96K is still pretty decent.
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When optimizing images you need to fix Xcode config, otherwise Xcode will undo the optimizations! – Kornel Mar 22 '12 at 14:42

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