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I want to create search for one of my sqlite3 tables. With a combination of a text-field or pull-down, the search should start after 3 letters have been entered and should return some recommendations wich it found in the table. That's the idea at least.

For now I'm stuck at searching for a part of a string in the database.

"SELECT * FROM album WHERE artist='Audiosl'"

That does return a empty search as well as

"SELECT * FROM album WHERE artist LIKE 'Audiosl'"

Is there a way to do that?

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if there is enough memory then trie or suffixtree might be faster for an implementation of autocomplete. – J.F. Sebastian Jan 23 '12 at 5:18
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"SELECT * FROM album WHERE artist LIKE '%Audiosl%'" would do your task.

This searches for string like T Audios1, Audios123, T Audios123, etc.

Refer for more :

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Take a closer look into using the LIKE SQLite operator. This would turn your statement into the following:

SELECT * FROM album WHERE artist LIKE 'Aud%'"

The % matches on zero or more occurrences. There are more operators in the SQLite documentation as well.

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SQLite includes an official full text search extension which provides functionality suitable for lots of text fields as your schema implies. You can do field style searches (artist:*a* album:"greatest hits") plus all the other stuff you would expect (NEAR, AND, OR, exclusions).

I strongly recommend you use this extension instead of building your own queries.

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