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I am using the following code to publish a post to a users wall via the publish_stream permission:

me =
            :message => 'message'
            :image => [valid_url],
            :link => [valid_url],
            :name => 'Test',
            :description => 'Description'

When I post to a users wall that does NOT have timeline activated, it works brilliantly. When I post to a users timeline, the post shows (message, link, name, description), but there is no accompanying image.

Has anyone run in to this problem? Is there a different parameter that needs to get pushed to get an image to accompany the post on the timeline? Does the gem need updating?

PS: The fb_graph documentation says to use

:picture => '',

which does not work either

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I'm fb_graph developer. I tried reproduce this, but this code worked for me now.

  :message => 'I posted an update',
  :picture => '',
  :link => '',
  :name => 'FbGraph Sample',
  :description => 'test test'

ps. :image didn't work.

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this solution works !! :) and thanks @nov for the gem fb_graph – sameera207 May 13 '14 at 0:05

I got this to work by leaving out the picture parameter and instead adding a link tag to the head of the page pointed to by ":link"

<link rel="image_src" href="" />

I got pointed in the right direction with this post.

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