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I'm using something similar to NodeJS called bondi, it's build on the Firefox js engine.. Basically i'm getting this error and I believe it's due to the way i'm referencing "this" in the .Get function below.

Basically there is a tool called SFtpClient. It has the method of "Get", to list the contents of a folder, but I want to change the prototype for this with a drop in include file. I need to change it so that it a/ retries several times when it fails, and b/ it has a recursive folder listing function.

So I used the prototype to change it - moved .Get to ._Get.

Can anyone see why I would be getting the error:

Jan 23 04:51:34 beta bondi: === this._Get is not a function --- Prio(6) Result(0x0) File(/home/nwo/approot/include/sftpclientenh

when I run the code below? Thanks

SFtpClient.prototype._Get = SFtpClient.prototype.Get;
SFtpClient.prototype.Get = function(Folder, Retries){

    if(!Retries) Retries = 5;
    if(!Folder) Folder = "~/";

    var FileListing = [];

    var connect = function(){ 
        //TODO JRF 19.01.2012 : re-enable this when bondi is fixed
        // this.HomeDirectory.replace(/\/?$/, "/");
        FileListing = this._Get(Folder);

        return true;

    var i = 1;
       var res = false;
       try {
        res = connect();
    } while(res==false && i < Retries);

    return FileListing;
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Try res = instead of res = connect().

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pop pop! that works. thanks... that all makes sense now +1 – Jason Jan 23 '12 at 5:06
What happens if there is an argument i need to supply to connect() ? not in this case, but in the future? – Jason Jan 23 '12 at 5:08, arg1, arg2 /* etc */). basically .call() takes one more argument than (), and that first argument tells it what this would be. – Andrey Shchekin Jan 23 '12 at 5:15
You can also use .apply() which is exactly the same as .call() but it takes an array of arguments as it's second parameter: connect.apply(this, [arg1, arg2, /* etc */]). Great for simulated super calls like this._originalPrototypeFunction(this, arguments) – Daniel Mendel Jan 23 '12 at 5:40

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