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I'm new to matlab classes and have just gone through a couple tutorials and now am trying to make one. In my methods section however, I'm having trouble with what I've been trying to do. The object should only need a single piece of info to construct the remaining properties which I will pass as input to the constructor. I was then thinking that I should be able to call two more functions in the methods section to fill in the remaining properties... see pseudocode below...

    function obj=myConstructor(input)

    function getProperty2(obj)
        obj.property2 = do something and save in property2...

    function getProperty3(obj)
        obj.property3 = do something and save in property3...


However, when I try and run this, neither property 2 or 3 are assigned... only the value that I pass to the constructor. Any help/ideas on how to accomplish the initialization would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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First of all, get methods are usually used to retrieve (i.e. get) the value of a property of an object. Not to calculate something.

Next, the MATLAB object model has two different kinds: value objects and handle objects. The distinction is important, but as you don't mention any, I will assume you are using value objects. The behavior for handle objects is totally different.

In contrast to e.g. Java and most other languages, you need to return the changed object. So in MATLAB this would be something like:

classdef MyClass
        p1, p2, p3;
       function obj = MyClass(input)
          obj.p1 = input;
          obj = obj.calculateP2(input);
          obj = obj.calculateP3(input);
       function obj = calculateP2(obj, input)
          obj.p2 = someLengthyCalculation(input);
       function obj = calculateP3(obj, input)
          obj.p3 = someOtherLengthyCalculation(input);

This can be made more clean, as most likely the calculateP? methods belong better as private static methods. This all depends on how much you want to pass to these methods.

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This might not be the best place to ask, but I don't want to start a new question: Why is it not possible to use obj = calculateP2(input); instead of obj = obj.calculateP2(input);? Why does this result in an error (provided no other function calculateP2 exists on the MATLAB path)? Why doesn't the constructor know about class methods, but must you specify the method using obj.method() notation? And is there any preference for either of the following notations? obj = obj.calculateP2(input); or obj = MyClass.calculateP2(input);? – Erik Mar 9 at 10:41
@Erik: I think the current syntax is quite explicit and hence the least error-prone (i.e. the least chance you will need to know what happens behind the scenes: precedence rules, etc.). Note also that MyClass.calculateP2(input) is also not valid: this is how you call static functions! If you want to call a (non-static) method, there are two possibilities: obj.method(args) or method(obj, args). I prefer the former, but sometimes the latter is useful to provide standard interfaces, e.g. plot(obj). For more info, please just open the chat or a question :-) – Egon Mar 10 at 12:05

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