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I am using Perl to collect data from several log files and store it into an Oracle database on the same Windows 2003 host I am running my script on. Is it better to use the Perl DBI module or to set up a system DSN and use ODBC?

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DBI, or at least something based on DBI is the standard way of interracting with data bases in Perl. Then under DBI, you can use either a direct oracle driver (DBD::Oracle) or an ODBC driver (aptly named DBD::ODBC). So really it doesn't seem to matter much which one you use, at least not for your code.

As for a layer above DBI, I like DBIx::Simple, but there are others.

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I've heard ODBC can be slower too, and I just noticed the other day the Oracle Instant Client for Windows contains a whole Perl+DBI install... – Nathan May 3 '14 at 0:31

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