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I am trying to use an API that does not have any documentation. I have an 3rd party application that sends XML messages to an API when you give it a username, password and URL of the API. I need to intercept that message, modify it and send it on. ( I'm not hacking, I'm trying to get 2 systems to work together in a non-default way ).

I can get system A to send the message to my own webserver, and read the message.

I see the username and password passed in the $_system variables.

Key: REQUEST_TIME; Value: 1327097007

I can see the XML message in the BODY too

> <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <!DOCTYPE enterprise SYSTEM
> "ldisp-2.0.dtd"><enterprise><properties>... [snip]

How do I take this message that I just recieved and send it exactly as is to another system ? All I know about the API is :

  1. The URL :
  2. My password with the 3rd party-company : MY-PASSWORD
  3. My username with the 3rd party-company : MY-USERNAME
  4. The XML which was in the body of the HTTP request.

How can I resend it to the URL it it supposed to go to?

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You can use cURL to do that.
Basically you receive the response in your script and then create a new one and send it to the other host using cURL.

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There is nothing special to enable your php script receive a HTTP request as long as your php script is running in a web server like Apache.

To make an outgoing HTTP call you can use file_get_contents, fopen, file or even curl for finer control over HTTP request.

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