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I have two tables:


id | sku
0    P323
1    K534


product_id | lang | name
0            en     Some product
0            sl     Nek izdelek
1            en     Some other product

Now, I need to display the Slovenian (sl) translation, but if it does not exist, the English one should be displayed.

I am looking for a way to fetch the products where the result is as follows:

id | sku  | name
0    P323   Nek izdelek
1    K534   Some other product

Is this possible with MySQL, with a single query?

Note: the entry in the translation table maybe does not exist or exists but all the values (except the foreign keys) could be null.

EDIT by request: I need to have an option, to let the privileged backend user to create as many text fields as the e-store needs them for a product display (e.g. short description, what's in the package, warranty info...). Therefore I would rather not hardcode column names into the SQL query, as this decreases portability.
I would need to select all translation fields without specifying the column names, as in "translation.*" .
If no practical solution is found, I'll resort to maintaining a record of custom columns which are added when the query is built (prior to executing it).

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If both translations are missing name is display as NULL

SELECT p.id, sku, IFNULL(tr.name,en.name) as name
FROM product p
LEFT JOIN translation en ON p.id = en.product_id and en.lang = 'en'
LEFT JOIN translation tr ON p.id = tr.product_id and tr.lang = 'sl'

see also docs for IFNULL

OR with the COALESCE for better perfromance

SELECT p.id, sku, COALESCE(tr.name,en.name) as name
FROM product p
LEFT JOIN translation en ON p.id = en.product_id and en.lang = 'en'
LEFT JOIN translation tr ON p.id = tr.product_id and tr.lang = 'sl'
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coalesce would be a better choice than isnull. –  mu is too short Jan 23 '12 at 8:21
@muistooshort For two fields, doesn't IFNULL work same? –  xdazz Jan 23 '12 at 8:28
can you please expand your example with such a case .. –  rauschen Jan 23 '12 at 8:34
@xdazz: It isn't really about performance or getting the same functionality, COALESCE will work with more databases than IFNULL will, choosing the more standard/portable approach over a database-specific one is usually a good idea. There's a lot more to the database world than MySQL. –  mu is too short Jan 23 '12 at 9:03
@omer Sabic .. if I understand you right you want a solution not tied to name you want more columns like description, size, weight which are automatic generated by some users ... That general query cant be made .. therefor you had to change your table to product_id, lang, typ (name,weight,description...), word (for type name -> Nek izdelek) ... if I got you wrong please add a substantial example .. –  rauschen Jan 23 '12 at 9:16

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