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I posted a question to the DBunit mailing list about an error i am seeing when i compile my program. One of the response i got is shown below:

Please try 2.4.9-SNAPSHOT (you will have to build from source; snapshots are not currently pre-built). I believe commit 1209 fixes the problem you are experiencing:

I looked at the DBunit project and i cant figure out how to download this specific version. I tried this command but it comes back with a "Does not exist" error

svn checkout dbunit

I think the command is correct because if i try a release that does exist it does work. For example the following command works

svn checkout dbunit

Looking at the online code browser i cant see an entry with the tag i want. See

Does this mean that the 2.4.9-SNAPSHOT does not exist or am i doing it wrong?

Also, what does the SNAPSHOT label mean at the end of the release version. I have seen this used quite a lot but not really sure what it means.


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Just download the source code in specified revision:

$ svn co dbunit -r 1209
$ cd dbunit
$ mvn clean install

The 2.4.9-SNAPSHOT version should appear in your repository when the build finishes. However I encounter some problems while building it, the cannot be found. Consult library developers how to fix this.

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