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I need to communicate my app with 2 devices. A restriction is that I can't use a server but all iOS devices will be in one Wi-Fi network. What options do I have? How I can send a message to another copy of my app running on another device?

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Did you try advertizing your app's listening port with Bonjour? –  Costique Jan 23 '12 at 9:25
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I dont know whether its a correct approach or not but as you cannot use server,so the approach i can think of is we can create a socket connection using TCP/IP or UDP(based on reliability) for data exchange.

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I dont think you can communicate between 2 devices running the same application without having some kind of server application in-between.

Even if you could find the other device over the WIFI I dont think you can tell if the other device is running the app or not.

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