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I just started playing around with THEOS and found it is good to use. But unfortunately I struck at the following errors.

theos/makefiles/ //makefiles/ No such file or directory
theos/makefiles/ *** You did not specify a target, and the "" platform does not define a default target.  Stop.

My makefile is


Sample_FILES = Tweak.xm

include theos/makefiles/
include $(THEOS_MAKE_PATH)/

I tried all the way that I can but no luck at this time. Anyone has a solution for this?

Thanks in advance.

BTW, I'm on Snow Leopord 10.6.6 with XCode 3.2.3 (iphone sdk 4.0)

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Prefix of _FILES, _FRAMEWORKS etc must be same as TWEAK_NAME, BUNDLE_NAME, etc.

So you should change TWEAK_NAME to mytweak or prefix to Sample.

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Make sure you set THEOS by running the following command:

export THEOS=/opt/theos

That is if you installed theos to /opt/theos

in your makefile change

include theos/makefiles/


include $(THEOS)/makefiles/
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You have to make a layout folder and make another DEBIAN folder inside and put a control file. (Assuming you know what that is) And don't forget to chmod 0775 the folder and the control file

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