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I've been looking around quite a while now for an answer but since I'm very new to perl I could use some help that explains my problem, as I can't take answers from other threads and tweak their codes.

The closest I got to finding the closest I was to finding a solution was: How can I write only certain lines of a file in Perl?

It's the same problem, but I only want to write lines that start with a "/", is this possible, and if possible, how do I do it?

Any help is very appreciated, thanks in advance!

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A simple implementation may look like:

while (<>) {
    print $_ if /^\//;

This looks for a / immediately after the start of the line (^).

If you want to allow some whitespace at the start of the lines, change your regular expression to /^[[:space:]]*\//.

Essentially the rest of the script is the same as in the question to which you have linked.

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Perl can be used from the command-line as well for this purpose:

$ perl -lne 'print if /^\//' input.txt > output.txt
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You can do:

use strict;
use warnings;

open my $fhi, '<', $input or die "Can not open file $input: $!";
while (<$fhi>) {
    print $_ if m/^\//;
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