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I have a site with a domain "mydomainA.com". I moved to a site "mydomainB.com". The problem: I have a lot of images in the pages that link to "mydomainA.com". I would like to save time and find a MySQL query that replaces all occurrences of a term ... by another to replace all occurrences of "mydomainA" by "mydomainB".

But is that really possible?

Otherwise, I would use php preg_replace edn.


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Syntax of replace is

UPDATE table1 SET field1 = REPLACE(field1,'value1','value2')
WHERE field1 LIKE '%value1%'

Check replace function here.

Here is an example

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Thank you. With your example link, I can see the power of replace function. –  Raphaël Jan 23 '12 at 10:14
UPDATE links SET url = REPLACE( url, 'mydomainA.com', 'mydomainB.com' )


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Probably you are looking for the Replace MySQL command. Combined with an UPDATE just does its job.

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