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I found the AI information on GS1 barcode standard from here : http://www.gs1-128.info/ai-values

But in few places, I see a difference stating that 10 is for Lot number. Please tell me if there could be such difference or not.


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I have used '10' for Batch Code / Number for many years for the supermarkets in Australia.

These codes are not fixed and it is possible that certain applications redefine the AI's or were defined before the GS1 specification was finalised or they do not follow the GS1 standards. The main thing you need to make sure of is that the AI and data format you choose is compatible with the systems that will be reading the code. If you are dealing with a large customer then I would have them validate the barcodes you have generated before going into production to make sure it is compatible with their system otherwise it could be an expensive exercise for someone.


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AI (10) is "Batch or Lot Number". You might have seen just "Lot Number" but it's the same thing.

From GS1 General Specification v13, section 3.4.1:

The Application Identifier (10) indicates that the GS1 Application Identifier data field contains a batch or lot number. The batch or lot number associates an item with information the manufacturer considers relevant for traceability of the trade item to which the Element String is applied. The data may refer to the trade item itself or to items contained. The number may be, for example, a production lot number, a shift number, a machine number, a time, or an internal production code. The data is alphanumeric...

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