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I'm trying to use custom url's in Wordpress. instead of

But how I should use GET function now?

$page_id = $_GET['page_id'];
if($page_id == 'home') include 'home.php';
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$_GET isn't a function, and you shouldn't use it. It contains values parsed from the query string, and you don't have one.

Parse $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] instead.

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You can use like http://localhost/wordpress/2012/01/hello-world/?g=1 this url. Result of print_r($_GET) for this url is Array ( [g] => 1 ).

But if you want to use custom url, you must change htaccess file. You can use following two options:

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The 'WordPress way' to do this would be to register the page_id as a 'query variable' and use get_query_var.

To register a query variable, you can use the query_vars filter. Put the following into your plugin or theme's function.php

add_filter('query_vars', 'register_my_query_vars' );
function register_my_query_vars( $qvars ){
    //Add these query variables - do not overwrite the $qvars array
    $qvars[] = 'page_id';    
    return $qvars;

Then you should be able to use get_query_var('page_id') to obtain its value (home, in the question).

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