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I came across FindBugs tool to identify connection leaks and other bugs which are present in my java code. I installed the plugin from the Eclipse Marketplace.I am using Eclipse Helios. However even after a very long search I am not able to find any information on what to do next after installing the plugin.. I build my project from eclipse and after that I deploy the application on JBoss server.

I tried by restarting the server and accessing my application but FindBugs shows no bugs at all..Do I need to add any entries in my class path or any jars needs to be added to the build path?? please guide.

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Firebug is for debugging Javascript, not Java. (It is plugin for Mozilla.) I assume that you are referring to Findbugs, not Firebug.

Findbugs is a static analysis tool. Its purpose is to perform a static analysis of your source code looking for code patterns that are likely to cause problems. It can spot some common patterns that are likely causes of resource leaks, but it can't detect all kinds of leaks.

By the sounds of it, you need a different kind of tool - a dynamic storage leak detector. See Java memory leak detection tools for recommendations.

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typo error.Thanks for pointing the mistake. –  AngelsandDemons Jan 23 '12 at 10:01

I will recommend you to install CheckStyle. It is like 10 times more awesome than FindBugs.

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