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I have a job in Jenkins which triggers another one. How do I make the job abort if the triggered one fails? Thanks Gil

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You can open http://$HOST/jenkins/job/$PROJECT/$BUILD/stop

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???, I need that the job will abort without my help – user1164651 Jan 23 '12 at 16:15
Ok, I see. I don't think there is something built-in. You'll have to check on the triggered build in your build script I guess and if it failed you fail as well. Before you trigger it you can get the next build number from http://$HOSTs/jenkins/job/$PROJECT/api/json and then check the build status on http://$HOST/jenkins/job/$PROJECT/$BUILD/api/json – Sebastian Blask Jan 24 '12 at 12:38

Use parametrized trigger plugin from here.

Use it as a build step ("Trigger/call builds on other projects"), check "Block until the triggered projects finish their builds" box, and choose "Fail this build step if the triggered build is worse or equal to FAILURE".

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Did this help?? – malenkiy_scot Mar 14 '12 at 10:52

You can add the post build task to the triggered job that will:

  • run if Finished: FAILURE found in the build log,
  • execute shell: curl "$UPSTREAM_BUILD/stop" >/dev/null

$UPSTREAM_BUILD neds to be specified by parameter or you can determine it somehow using API...

I am currently setting up my matrix builds to abort all other configurations if one failed and it works as above.

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