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with WMPLib.WindowsMediaPlayer i am able to play and pause mp3 files but i am not able to resume from the paused point.

Can anybody tell me how to resume the song


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Actually I think that it's quiet easy I use the "Pause" method to pause the song and "Play" method to continue it ::: here is the code that I've used

WMPLib.WindowsMediaPlayer wmp = new WMPLib.WindowsMediaPlayer();
wmp.url="the mp3 path that you want to play";
//NOTE::: after the above command the mp3 file or other multimedia file will automatically play.

//And for PAUSING use this code:

//AND for continue PLAYING use below code:

this code works for me and I hope that works for you.

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The solution is change media players. Add a reference to this player:AxWMPLib.AxWindowsMediaPlayer. I found a reference in This project.

I simply changed the player reference. Tweaked the properties: This "moPlayer.Controls.pause()" became "moPlayer.Ctlcontrols.pause()" and I was in business. I hope this helps. I did this and my player can pause and resume.

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