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I'm using Twitter Bootstrap and Backbone.js for my web applicaton but I need also to add a good looking Form and Grid. Form need to have a field validation, dropboxes and to insert/edit rows from grid. In the end I need to submit gird data using Ajax and JSON. Can you recomend me a library that can help me with this? May be ExtJS, Kendo UI? Or may be something that integrates easy with Backbone.js and will not conflict with Twitter Bootstrap CSS?

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KendoUI is pretty awesome. Really clean interface that binds to data relatively easy.

Just this...

                  field: "FirstName",
                  title: "First Name"
                  field: "LastName",
                  title: "Last Name"
          dataSource: {
              data: [
                      FirstName: "Joe",
                      LastName: "Smith"
                      FirstName: "Jane",
                      LastName: "Smith"

Will get you going with a grid in Kendo, hit up @burkeholland on Twitter if you need some help.

EXTJS is also awesome, but is much larger than Kendo and may be a little bit overkill for what you are looking for, however it's very powerful.

BackboneJS is going to require a lot of work to get your application's models, and validation stuff setup, but it is a very flexible, "MVC"-esque framework.

Really just depends on how complicated you want to get, and how much work you want to throw into it.

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For clarification, Kendo UI additionally has it's own concept of models and views with templating. Kind of like a "light" MVC. You can use either, although you may find it easier to integrate using Kendo UI's built-in framework features. –  Burke Holland Jan 23 '12 at 19:49

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