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I'm trying to learn the use of the Zend Framework and I am facing now the following issue. I am reading some information from the database for a specific Post. I use Datamapper and Models.

$postMapper = new Application_Model_PostMapper();
$post = new Application_Model_Post();
$details = $postMapper->find($postID, $post);
$this->view->postDetail = $details; 

In my View, I use a foreach($this->postDetail as $value) to read all the Post Information. But I was wondering now, if I can also access an Information without the foreach. I need just the Email Adress in the Controller and can't see why I would need a foreach. But how would I access this? A Zend_Debug comes with the following results:

array(1) {
[0] => object(Application_Model_Post)#87 (27) {
["_email":protected] => string(10) "test@testmail.com"

It does sound like a very stupid question, but I just don't find a way to read out the Email Adress inside the Controller. Can someone give me a hint?

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In your Application_Model_Post class, you would create an accessor method in order to get the private value.

So create a method like this.

public function getEmail(){
    return $this->_email;

To be honest, I think you will already have these methods if you are using a datamapper correctly.

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Hi, yes, I have got Get and Set Methods in my Model already. I use it in my Datamapper. I than return the Information from the Datamapper to the Controller and than from there to the View. In the View I read it out with a Foreach loop. All I am trying to do now is to get the Email Adress out inside the Controller. When I use foreach ($details as $value) { echo $value->postEmail; } in my Controller, it works, but do I really need the foreach? Is there no way to access the Element without it? –  Luka Jan 23 '12 at 11:12
$postMapper returns a model right. So just use $details->getEmail(). I would of thought that was the obvious bit. –  Layke Jan 23 '12 at 11:19
No, if I use $details->getEmail() I get the following Error Message call to a member function getEmail() on a non-object, but I just found out, that it works if I use $post->getEmail() Does this makes sense? I mean all the information is already read out and saved in $details, but now I don't seem to use that... –  Luka Jan 23 '12 at 11:38
Luka I would need to see your data mapper class, and see what the find() method returns to be able to make any judgment on that question. –  Layke Jan 23 '12 at 13:55
Hi, I still have not found any solution for my Problem, yes, I got the Method getEmail() in my Model and I use all the get Methods in my Datamapper to assign everything and return it. If you scroll to my first question, you see what is the output in the controller. I really can not get my head around it. Anyone any other idea? –  Luka Feb 8 '12 at 10:14

When you get data from Model/db by fetchAll, eg:

$result = $this->fetchAll($select);

you can


//access like array

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one of these should work:

  • if $details returns an array: $email = $details['email']; or =$details[0]['email'];
  • if $details returns an object: $email = $details->email;
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