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Is there any function in Android that allows me to copy only some characters from TextView?

For example: TextView = "This is Good";

And i only want "Good" and then convert it to the String.

Thanks in advice.

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Is there any particular reason you can't retrieve all the text from the view and then process it? – Kingamajick Jan 23 '12 at 11:03
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I am pretty sure there is not "the one function" you are looking for. Instead the following will do what you want.

Get the text:

 String text = textview.getText().toString();

Then, with regard to getting "Good" in your sentence example, use the String.substring() function it:

String innerString = text.substring(8);

The substring above is for all characters from the 8th index onwards. A range can be specified instead if needed such as:

String innerString = text.substring(8, 10);

That will start from the 8th character and go up to (but not including) the 10th character.

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Thank you that is what I wanted – HaOx Jan 23 '12 at 11:28

try StringBuilder class. firt create StringBuilder object.

  StringBuilder sb=new StringBuilder(textview.gettext());

check methods available in this class link for the class

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