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Hello I used this tutorial to deploy Ajax Control Toolkit assemblies to sharepoint server. It is ok when I did deployment in my local configuration. But I cannot deploy the project including the package that have this Toolkit. The error message is not telling too much:

"Error 1 Error occurred in deployment step 'Recycle IIS Application Pool': The open operation did not complete within the allotted timeout of 00:01:00. The time allotted to this operation may have been a portion of a longer timeout."

What could be the reason? Any idea?

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You will need to Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0 AJAX Extensions 1.0 (which ever is compatible with your tool kit.). Also try to install AjaxControlToolkit.dll in the GAC.

Hope this works for you.

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I tried to install Ajax Toolkit with gacutil command, it isn't worked either. I couldn't understand what you've meant to "need to Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0 AJAX Extensions 1.0", I do not have a problem with compiling, it's just not deployed –  Alper Jan 23 '12 at 12:11
Did you mark toolkit as safe control, check on net how to do that. Also check this post. –  Amar Palsapure Jan 23 '12 at 12:23

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