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In my website, users can share links of my app "objects" to their Facebook Wall.

This is how I post links to Facebook using the Javascript SDK and their Graph API:

var url = "/me/feed";
var message = "a user generated message"
var link = "link to an internal object of my app"
FB.api(url, "post", { message: message, link: link }, callback);

These are some of the metatags of my internal objects:

<meta property="og:video:type" content="text/html" />
<meta property="og:video" content="link to an internal object of my app"/>

Whereas I don't attach any Flash content, I'm encountering this error:

error: (#100) flash objects must have the 'source' and 'picture' attributes
type: OAuthException

So there is something I don't really understand...

The weirdest thing is that when I post the same link from Facebook Web Interface (and not through my app), everything occurs seamlessly... Indeed: I don't have any warnings or errors from the Facebook Linter tool.

Thanks in advance for your help

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If you have videos you should check at what nrj12 did for example (see here

<meta content="Nrj 12 Avec rod janois -" property="og:title">
<meta content="" property="og:url">
<meta content="fr_FR" property="og:locale">
<meta content="video.tv_show" property="og:type">
<meta content="1327098374" property="video:release_date">
<meta content="169879703048651" property="fb:app_id">
<meta content="Sport auto, nouveautés, tests, exclusivités... KILOMETRE 12, c est le nouveau magazine indispensable présenté par Anne Denis pour tout savoir sur le monde de l auto. Mais c est aussi des rubriques déc..." property="og:description">

<meta content="223" property="og:video:height">
<meta content="398" property="og:video:width">
<meta content="application/x-shockwave-flash" property="og:video:type">
<meta content="" property="og:image">

You video:type looks weird too me cause HTML is not a video type.

Please provide the URL of the content you wish to publish if you want to get constructive help.

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Thanks for your answer. The type "text/html" is perfectly valid: (see the videos paragraph). It's meant to redirect to the page of the video when you don't want your video to be embedded on Facebook. I'm sorry but I can't give you the URL (still in test). Thanks anyway! – Damien Jan 23 '12 at 12:56

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