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I'm trying to write a Rose::DB::Object query string using either an Array or a Hash, however I'm unsure how to do it. I'm trying to write an update function based off of certain ID's in a list that are enumerated in the array. I unfortunately do not have any other unique key to filter on to build the query, so I need to query specific ID's.

Essentially I am trying to programatically write the follow:

my $list = My::DB::Manager->get_items(query => [
     {id => 1},
     {id => 14},
     {id => 210},
     {id => 1102},
     {id => 3151},

This is the code I have so far, but I haven't been able to successfully achieve what I am trying to do:

        use My::DB::Manager;
        my @ary;
        foreach (@_) {
            my %col = ("id", $_);
            push (@ary, \%col);
        my $list = My::DB::Manager->get_items(query => \@ary);


Now the script just hangs with no output indefinately.

I'm trying to avoid iterating through the DB::Manager and making a DB call on a per record basis as this script will be run via cron every 60 seconds and has the potential to return large sets.

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The query parameter takes a reference to an array of name/value pairs, not a reference to an array of hash references. If you want objects where the value of the id column is one of a list of values, then use the name id and a reference to an array of ids as the value. This code should work (assuming the id values are in @_):

$list = My::DB::Manager->get_items(query => [ id => \@_ ]);
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That worked!, It threw an error for the elements in my array which is collected from a Sybase SQL query and the results have \x00 appended to each element in the array which is causing the Oracle query I am using Rose::DB for to fail. Hopefully Rose::DB will get Sybase support. –  Mose Jan 24 '12 at 13:02

You push strings into @ary when you need to push perl structures:

    use My::DB::Manager;
    my @ary;
    foreach (@_) {
            push (@ary, { id => $_ });
    my $list = My::DB::Manager->get_items(query => [@ary]);

However, I think you can use query => [ id => [$id1, $id2, ... ], ...]:

    use My::DB::Manager;
    my $list = My::DB::Manager->get_items(query => [ id => \@_ ]);

Never used Rose, this based on docs of the module.

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I tried the above as well but any way I attempt it I get an invalid query string. I almost suspect that I need a hash, but not sure how to use a hash since "id" would be a duplicate key. –  Mose Jan 23 '12 at 14:31

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