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I have dwo DataTable's and one DataGrid, and I want to merge trzis DataTable to one into DataGrid. I do this:

 DataTable DT = n.Tables[1];
                DataTable DT2 = n.Tables[0];

                dataGrid1.ItemsSource = DT.DefaultView;

"n" is a DataSet. Its all fine, I got the merge two table to one. But it look's like:

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You may have to run a sql query (or LINQ 2 SQL query) on these two tables that matches rows based on a foreign key i.e. in your DT1 and DT2 there has to be some column that carries same value so that you can match the two and create a single tuple having columns from both tables... set the output of the (SQl \ LINQ) query to the itemsource of the datagrid.

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