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after morphological operations i detected the finger tip. the vector fingertips contain the details of all the finger tip. i created an iterator to get the first and the second fingertip coordinates. but when i try to compile i get the error "vector iterator not dereferencable"...

please help me !!1

while (1) { . . vector::iterator p = 0;

            p = fingerTips.begin();
            CvPoint forefinger = *p;
            CvPoint secondfinger = *p;

            int distance = secondfinger.y - forefinger.y;
            char dist[6];




            cvPutText(source,dist,cvPoint(220,320), &font, cvScalar(255, 0, 0, 0));     


. . . . }

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Your vector declaration is wrong. It should have been vector<cv::Point>::iterator p

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