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I use CRM 4.0 and VS 2008. I installed the CRM SDK and WorkingWithCRM4.Plugin (
I managed to deploy I think the plugin's dll with the PluginRegistration.exe tool which I for from the SDK.

I try to make the sample code from the WorkingWithCRM4.Plugin to work. The problem is, nothing seems to happen. I try to debug the code, but it seems I can't attach to the right process (w3wp.exe) or the Execute event is not called. Does anybody has experience with: WorkingWithCRM4.Plugin and tell me how can make it work or debug?

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Did you exactly follow the instructions mentioned in the SDK? – Anwar Jan 24 '12 at 12:46
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These are the steps I do:

  1. Sign a key.
  2. Build.
  3. Register the Plug-in.
  4. Place the generated .pdb file into the bin folder of the CRM.
  5. Debug the plug-in by attaching it to the w3wp.exe process.
  6. Trigger your plugin by triggering the related Message on the related Entity.

Note: Sometimes you may have to to do an iisreset if there is something wrong.

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