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I need to make an "Print product" feature on my ecommerce site and the print part i already figured it out ... windows.print

My problem is that I want to copy the entire content of DIV where I have all product specifications and photos to another window which after I can print it.

I have a link Print this product which when clicked, JQUERY must create the new window and also copy the entire product's DIV to this new window.

I have seen several approaches here and it only confused me so that's why I am posting this here.

Can someone please explain me with an example how to solve my problem.

Thank you.

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Well I think that this plugin of jquery might help you.

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In the meantime I found myself this library and its fantastic... It does everything for you. – arizona31 Jan 23 '12 at 14:01

Just get the content and set it in the new place:

var w =;
w.document.body.innerHTML = window.document.getElementById('print').innerHTML;

Here is demo

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