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Say that I have a rather large repository, and I want to compare two specific revisions. But don't just want to just see the diff, I want to be able to browse through the code, jump between files etc.

An example might be opening up Rails 2.3 and 3 at the same time and looking at different implementation of the same thing.

The way I do this now is just a local clone, checkout a different version in each, open them both in my editor (SublimeText) and browse.

Is there any better way to do this? Are there any tools that make this easier?

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None that I'd know of (except local clones). +1 for a really interesting question! – eckes Jan 23 '12 at 13:41
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There's only one working directory, and you want to put two revisions there? Not going to work.

It possible to setup a simple web-based server to explore the repository, and then you could open two browser tabs/windows and inspect the code at different revisions. Instructions on how to setup GitWEB are here. uses this, so to have get a feeling on how it looks like you can open any of the repos;a=summary.

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You can open two terminal windows and view a file from specific revision.

Say, you have repo rails.

In first terminal you type:

~/rails/ $ git show v2.3.14:Rakefile

And in the second:

~/rails/ $ git show v3.2.0:Rakefile

Where v2.3.14 and v3.2.0 are tags for specific versions you are interested in, and the "Rakefile" is a file you want to see.

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