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I want to do validation for a String which can only contains alphanumeric and only one special character. I tried with (\\W).{1,1}(\\w+) : But it is true only when I start with a special character. But I can have one special character at any place in String. Please help.

Thanks. Amit

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Please show examples that should be matched and others that shouldn't. – shift66 Jan 23 '12 at 13:50

use matcher.find() and not matcher.match() and search for \\w and remove plus (+) because it will match all alphanumeric characters sequence in your string.If your string contains only them, your regex will match whole string.

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Use the ^ and $ anchors to instruct the regex engine to start matching from the beginning of the string and stop matching at the end of the string, so taking your regex:


Please take a look at this Oracle (Java) tutorial on regular expressions.

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Try this regexp: \w*\W?\w* (Java string: "\\w*\\W?\\w*")

This expression has a drawback of matching zero-length strings. If your input must have exactly one special character, remove the question mark ? from the expression.

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if I understand your regex correctly, this could solve your problem:

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Its simple like i want a string which can alpha numeric and only one special character. eg. valid: abc! and invalid: abdc@y! – Amit T Jan 23 '12 at 14:00

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