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How to use SubReport in XtraReport?

I'm having a problem with my XtraReport it doesnt display the Sub Report but it Displays the main Report here's my Code

Dim report As New XSalesReport()
    Dim ds As New DSProducts
    Dim sSQL As New System.Text.StringBuilder
    sSQL.AppendLine("SELECT  ")
    sSQL.AppendLine("FROM PaymentTransactions ")

    Dim zSQL As New System.Text.StringBuilder
    zSQL.AppendLine("SELECT  ")
    zSQL.AppendLine("FROM DailyTransactions ")

    SetWaitDialogCaption("Loading Report Data")
    Using SQLconnect As New SQLiteConnection(g_constring)
        Dim SQLAdapter As New SQLiteDataAdapter(sSQL.ToString, SQLconnect)
        Dim SQLAdapter1 As New SQLiteDataAdapter(zSQL.ToString, SQLconnect)
    End Using
    report.DataSource = ds
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Got it.. I just put a relation in both datatable..

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