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I am making a new textview with this code:

    TextView score = new TextView (this);

Now my question is, how am I able to retrieve this textview later on, in a new method?

Not with the findViewById() method, because I don't know it. If I add this sentence:


and then use findViewById(R.id.9) it gives an error: Syntax error on token ".9", delete this token.

So how can I retrieve it to change it's text?

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You need to replace findViewById(R.id.9) with findViewById(9). You can also use findViewByTag("scoreteller");

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Thanks! Both your solutions work :) –  Mavix Jan 23 '12 at 14:32

don't use findViewById(R.id.9) just do findViewById(9)

I don't know why you need that, if you make your score variable a class member, you can access it easily. So just make it a class member and you don't need to call findViewById(9) anywhere. It is also faster as it doesn't need to search in the layout for this id...

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Thanks. This works out. –  Mavix Jan 23 '12 at 14:32

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