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how can I install an application from the BETA market on a WP7? ( the person in question would be using the Windwos Live ID that I have out on the mailing list ( ppl who can install the BETA app on their registrated device ) ). I came up with this:

 WebBrowserTask browser = new WebBrowserTask( );
        browser.URL = deeplink;
        browser.Show( );

But I would like it to look a lot neater than that. For example, now the Browser will start up, coming to a page where you have to still press ( continue or something ) | What I would really likem is for the browser ( if used at all ) run in the background, and let WebClient download the app from the app itself. ( is this even possible? ) greetz and thanks in advance

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Use MarketplaceDetailTask with the GUID of the beta application (this is the long part of the deep-link URL). It will directly launch the Marketplace app on the phone. Then the beta-user should be able to download your app as any other app they would get from Marketplace.

The GUID is the long string after "?appId=" in your deep link URL.

See MSDN docs for MarketplaceDetailTask. You'll have to specify the GUID of your app in the ContentIdentifier property.

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Thanks =D I had understood that this was disabled for the Beta market. –  GeekPeek Jan 23 '12 at 14:48

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