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The following command wraps the output to the width of the window from which the script was called. That is, the output file is "word"-wrapped. How can I prevent this wrapping in the output file w/o modifying the script?

PS C:\Users\User1> & '\\fileServer\c$\PowerShell Scripts\herScript.ps1' > output.txt
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Try this (I can't test it)

& '\\fileServer\c$\PowerShell Scripts\herScript.ps1' | out-string -width 4096 | out-file c:\output.txt
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Out-File has a -Width parameter, too. Its documentation states that everything beyond the width is truncated (not wrapped). So I guess this truncates first at 4096 characters (what an oddly non-round number) and then at the width of the console window. While it won't wrap it does truncate longer lines which may not be intended. –  Joey Jan 23 '12 at 16:36

Instead of using >, which is out-file, you can use set-content

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Caveat lector: the behaviour of Set-Content differs. Significantly (but not documented) it locks the file so it can't be read. Hence Set-Content is a bad choice for logging. See stackoverflow.com/questions/10655788/… –  Colonel Panic Jul 10 '12 at 9:41

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