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Given two Judy instances, how can the non-static methods size() and count() on any of the two instances be returning what seems to be the sum of all elements on judy arrays in the same PHP process?

Is this intentional? Nothing seems to be pointing to this in documentation. Did i miss something? See Unit test below. testSizeConsistent() fails, others pass, including testIsSizeSum()

class JudyTest extends PHPUnit_Framework_TestCase {

    private $a, $b;

    public function setUp() {

        $this->a = new Judy(Judy::STRING_TO_MIXED);
        $this->b = new Judy(Judy::STRING_TO_MIXED);

    public function testSizeConsistent() {

        // lets populate a 
        $this->a->offsetSet("foo", "bar");
        $this->a->offsetSet("another", "value");

        // b couldn't have possibly grown?
        $this->assertTrue($this->b->size() === 0);


    public function testSizeZero() {

        $this->assertTrue($this->a->size() === 0);
        $this->assertTrue($this->b->size() === 0);


    public function testIsSizeSum() {

        $this->a->offsetSet("foo", "bar");
        $this->a->offsetSet("another", "value");
        $this->b->offsetSet("third", "..");

        $this->assertTrue($this->b->size() === 3);



( i am using the latest "beta" stability Judy array php module from pecl ( and the latest libjudy available in macports ( judy @1.0.5 (devel) ) on OS X Lion )

thanks! Andras

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This was definitely a bug. A fix has been released, please give a try:

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