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Tried this:

$('.link').click(function(e) {
 $.getScript('', function() {        
  $('body').append('<p>GOOGLE API (UDS) is loaded</p>');
 return false;

Yes, it loads a primary "uds.js" file and then locks page by loading a locale JS file ("default+en.I.js", see line #48 in "uds.js").

workaround (@jsbin)

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If you want to dynamically load google's libraries, you should check out google's autoloader:

It works quite nicely, but be careful if you use the autoloader wizard.

there's a bug for the c&p code that tripped me up:

Also I found that for some of google's libraries, if I try to asynchronously load scripts (like yours) that if I don't specify some of the optional parameters (language, callback, etc. -- even with an empty string), I'll see the behavior that you're seeing.

Edit: went ahead and tested it. Your solution here:

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